CNF Writing Exercise: Exercise on Rhetorical Techniques

Marianne Melinda Lalap
2 min readJun 1, 2021

Every year, I look forward to going home to my mother’s hometown because this town possesses my happy place. It takes us six to eight hours by car to reach the capital of “Amihanan” part of Camarines in the Bicol region.

It is consistently scheduled on our trip that we will visit my happy place on the last day of our stay. We go to this place early in the morning and I am always enticed when I watch the sun slowly rise above the sea and feel its light shine upon me. It has a long and wide stretch of fine, gray and powdery sand with the constantly inviting waves, the perfect waves that you won’t see in other beaches. The spectacular sight brings forth a unique feeling of peace and joy.

Our family would spend the whole day together enjoying the bliss of the moment we were sharing. Staying in our rented nipa hut and eating watermelon or shakes is our favorite thing to do.

It became extra special when my grandparents and relatives from my father’s side visited this place. They endured the long trip and passed the “Bitukang Manok” road in Quezon province. Seeing smiles painted on their faces makes it worth it because they got to see the breathtaking scenery this place has. But my happy place also reminds me of the bittersweet memory that this place was the last place my grandfather visited before he passed away.

Even though time is passing and our situations are changing, it won’t change the fact that I would always come back to my happy place for the calmness and the memory it carries.